Using Hwb+ and Minecraft to Promote School-to-School Working

A big thank you to the ten schools taking part in the SIG group project Blitz: Wales at War for all your hard work so far. As we approach the halfway stage of the project, schools preparing to build their World War Two communities by researching what their local communities were like during World War Two. Our Digital Leaders have continued the Minecraft Roadshow by holding training events at six of the ten schools. During these sessions pupils have been introduced to Minecraft Edu and their teachers have been given advice and guidance with setting up and managing a Minecraft server. The children love visiting other schools to share their Minecraft experiences – it has really developed their confidence, communication skills and broadened their horizons. To date they have held Minecraft workshops in over twenty schools.

The ultimate aim for the Minecraft part of the project is for each school to create an Office Mix of their Minecraft community and to share with each of the other schools. This will help pupils to develop an understanding of what it was like to live in a different part of the country during this time. Pupils will be able to make direct comparisons between Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, which were badly damaged during the Blitz, and the South Wales Valleys of RCT and Bridgend where many children were evacuated to.

Throughout the project pupils have been collaborating using Hwb, the All-Wales VLE. This week pupils have been creating a shared Wiki to capture and share what they have learnt about a certain area of World War Two. As it is impossible to learn everything about such a massive topic, each school has been given a specific area to research.  In addition pupils have been blogging their work on the shared site. Both activities have really improved their writing skills because their are writing for a specific audience. It has also opened up the classroom and developed the digital competency of every pupil taking part.

Really excited for this week. We are working with Techno Camps by holding three ICT World War Two days in three of the schools taking part. As well as using Minecraft to design and build their own air raid shelters, pupils will experience how coding was used during the war.



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