Blitz: Wales at War

Really full on few weeks preparing for the an exciting new project my school is leading in January with our School Improvement Group. Twelve schools from South Wales will be working collaboratively throughout he topic with the ultimate goal of creating their own local community during World War 2. Within each school, pupils will be learning about life during World War 2 and  working collaboratively using Minecraft EDU to build their own home front locality.  When it is completed, pupils will create an Office Mix video a share it with the other schools using a shared area on Hwb+, the All Wales VLE.  During the last project, Black Gold: Hearts, Souls and Mines, I took the server to each school and each led the Minecraft session with my digital leaders. This worked really well but it because of the short time scale of this project, six weeks, it would be impossible to visit each school. It’s also an ideal opportunity for pupils to use Office Mix in a meaningful way.  Another advantage is that each school will have more time to create their community, rather than an hour slot.

Our Digital Leaders will still play a major part in leading this project . At the very start of the project, teachers from each school visited the school for an introductory training session. During this day the pupils led Minecraft EDu, Office 365 and Office Mix sessions.They have also visited four schools to show pupils how to use Minecraft EDU and the shared Hwb+ site. As a taster session, they asked pupils to create a Winter Wonderland using Minecraft and use it to stimulate a discussion using Hwb+. Pupils shared images of their wintry worlds and added a brief description  on the discussion form. The digital leaders also created an online survey, on Hwb+, to get feedback on the session.  It’s such a pleasure to work with such engaged and motivated pupils.

Really looking forward to starting the project in January.

Have a great Christmas!!





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