Minecraft Roadshows


The schools have been really busy creating the Rhondda Heritage Park using Minecraft for Black Gold 2015. Over the last fortnight, the Year 5 digital leaders from Darran Park Primary School have been visiting some of the schools as part of the ‘Minecraft Roadshow.’  They have taken the Minecraft server and asked each school to create a specific part of the Rhondda Heritage Park. So far the children have created: the chimney, several coal face buildings and the winding gears. For the next part of the project, the children will be digging underground colliery and creating mineshafts. The pupils from each school displayed excellent collaboration and problem solving skills, as well as numeracy skills by calculating the perimeters of each new construction.

To keep a record of the construction, we have been busy blogging about the progress on our shared Hwb+ Black Gold 2015 page. Fingers crossed that the Rhondda Heritage Park will be completed very soon and Steve can return home.

It has been great to see such high levels of engagement in each school and to see how much the children have enjoyed the project.




One thought on “Minecraft Roadshows

  1. Sue Walker

    Looking forward to the celebration event on 15th July. It has been fascinating to read about the project developing. Digital Competency is definitely not an issue in these schools!

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