Our Shared Animation with Turnip Starfish

On Friday 19th June, we welcomed Nick and Lexy from Turnip Starfish animation company to Darran Park Primary School. This was the latest leg of their journey to make a shared animation with thirteen of the primary schools taking part in the Black Gold 2015 project. The day started with an introduction to the animation process, where the pupils had the opportunity to experiment with the equipment they would be using to create the animation. They particularly enjoyed using the camera and animation software.

Following this, the children had the opportunity to see parts of the animation that the other schools had been creating. The animation centres around Dai, a coal miner from South Wales, and his life in South Wales during Coal Society. It focuses on the changing landscape and way of life and the impact that coal mining had on South Wales. Each school focused on a different dimension including: the role of women in Coal Society, the lives of children, the dangers of mining and coal owners. It was brilliant to see the work that the pupils from the other primary schools had contributed to the animation.

IMG_2883The children spent the rest of the day creating their own scenes for the animation. They worked collaboratively to create their own characters and backgrounds.  When this was completed they used the cameras and animation software to create their own scenes. We are really looking forward to seeing them in the completed animation.

Turnip Starfish are visiting Maerdy Primary and Williamstown Primary next to continue the animation.  Once all the scenes have been completed, pupils will be recording the dialogue and the choir from Ysgol Llyn Y Forwyn will be creating a soundtrack.

The animation will have it’s launch at our Showcase event on July 15th in Ferndale Community School. Many thanks to Nick and Lexy for an absolutely fantastic day and for all your work with the schools involved. Really excited to see the final film.

IMG_2885 IMG_2890 IMG_2864 IMG_2868 IMG_2803 IMG_2799


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