Our Rhondda Heritage Park Visits


Afteuntitled (5)r our message that Steve was trapped in the Rhondda Heritage Park, each school was sent on a mission to investigate. During the visit the pupils were given an underground tour and learned lots about the conditions of mining.  Most schools agreed that the most scary part of the visit was when the doors to the complete darkness when cage doors closed.  It must have been very difficult for miners during – many had to work fourteen hour days in complete darkness at there end of the nineteenth century.

It was important for the pupils to learn lots about Coal Society because they will be creating a wiki in the Black Gold 2015 area of Hwb+. As each school is responsible for a different area, it will also be important to use the discussion tool to collaborate and share ideas.

Steve also asked the pupils to build the Rhondda Heritage Park using Minecraft in order for him to get home. During the visit the pupils took lots of photos and video footage so that they had a record of what it looked like to help recreate it. These photos and videos will also be shared through Hwb+.

Thank you to Kathrin and all the staff from the Rhondda Heritage Park for an extremely enjoyable and interesting visit.





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