Wow Starter Week


Black Gold 2015: Hearts, Souls and Mines started with a bang this week as every school introduced the project through a wow starter. Children from schools in the Ferndale and Cymer clusters discovered posters had been mysteriously put up all around their schools. Each poster featured Steve, the main character from Minecraft, in a different setting. Each poster contained a question, such as: “Where is Steve?” The children investigated, looking for clues in order to locate him. The pupils from the Tonypandy cluster received the posters of Steve through mysterious emails.

IMG_2635 2 IMG_2654 1

IMG_2652 1In addition to the pictures, the children were sent a QR code.  To the children’s surprise the QR code revealed a website containing a message from Steve in Welsh and English:

The message revealed that Steve was trapped and in order to free him they must create his location – The Rhondda Heritage Park. As well as this, the pupils were told about the fifteen other schools taking part and were given a link to a Hwb+ site, for them to collaborate with each other. Finally the children were asked to work together to find out as much information as they could about Coal Society in South Wales.

Something tells me this is the start of something really exciting!



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