Minecraft 3D Printing

IMG_2550I had the pleasure of visiting Ferndale Community School this week to be part of a Minecraft 3D printing session run by Technocamps, University of South Wales. This was the first time, during the Black Gold 2015 project, that I’d worked with the secondary school pupils – Year 7 in this case. The aim was to use Minecraft to build a structure and then use Printcraft to create a 3D model. The pupils were set the challenge of creating a key ring.

IMG_2549It was great to see the original and wacky designs the pupils created and how engaged they were throughout the task. Throughout the session, the leaders from Technocamps helped the pupils to gain a better understanding of 3D printing and how they could use Printcraft to create their 3D models. This was really important because these pupils will be helping pupils from the primary schools to create 3D models of the Rhondda Heritage Park for the next part of Black Gold 2015: Hearts, Souls and Mines. This encapsulates one of the main aims of this project – to empower pupils and encourage collaboration between the primary and secondary schools, thus ensuring effective transition between schools.

Thanks to Technocamps for their continuing support and the pupils and staff of Ferndale Community School for such a warm welcome and an awesome day. Great to see so many former pupils!IMG_2553


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