Have you seen Steve?

minecraft1 minecraft 2

I’ve had the strangest day since beginning the Minecraft project, as part of RCT local authority’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft. In order to engage the pupils, I wanted to leave some clues to link Minecraft to the Rhondda Heritage Park. I wanted to use these for the wow starter to the project.  So I invested in a box head and a foam axe and asked Kathrin Lewis, Outreach Officer from the Rhondda Heritage Park, to take some photos of Steve in various parts of the museum. Funnily enough, I had some strange looks from the adults but the children from visiting schools loved it. When I asked one little girl if she knew who I was she replied, “Steve of course.”

I’m going to tweet the photos over the next few days and then send each of the fourteen schools a video asking them to visit the Heritage Park to investigate this strange occurrence. The children will then use Minecraft to create the Rhondda Heritage Park.

Next week my class will be running a Minecraft workshop for the teachers involved with the project. During the day we are going to use Hwb+, the all Wales learning platform, to set up an area that can be accessed by all the schools involved. I am also going to be using the playlist function on Hwb to host the resources for the project.



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