Rhondda Heritage Park ICT Project

This week I met with the head teachers from the schools taking part in the project I’m coordinating as part of Rhondda Cynon Taff Council’s continuing partnership with Microsoft. It was quite daunting presenting to a room of head teachers but everyone was extremely enthusiastic and showed a real commitment to the project. At the moment the plan is take Year 5, 6, and 7 pupils children from three clusters of schools to the Rhondda Heritage Park. The Rhondda Heritage Park is a museum dedicated to the history of coal mining in South Wales, built on the site of a former colliery. Each class will be given the task of using Minecraft to work collaboratively to create a virtual Rhondda Heritage Park. Once the virtual landscapes have been constructed, they will be printed on the 3D printer, thus creating a virtual and physical model of the Rhondda Heritage Park.

Within a cluster, the group of schools feeding the same secondary school, each school will have a different area to research. Each school will use OneNote to record their research and share this with the other school’s in their cluster. This research will then be used to create a shared animation about coal mining within the Rhondda Valley. Both tasks were planned using Microsoft’s 21st Century Learning Design Collaboration rubric.

Tomorrow I’m going to a OneNote training session with Sarah Snowdon and the other RCT Microsoft Master Trainers. Really looking forward to finding out exactly how the schools can utilise it to it’s full potential during the project.


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